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Our journey to radically change the current stale meeting culture started with our search for the principles of effective meetings. We first formulated a new philosophy as the basis of all necessary change. Then we developed the app to make it really easy to bring this philosophy into practice. We also developed a simple hands-on workshop to help our customers get off to a good start.

This workshop teaches the principles of effective meetings and makes you experience our new approach. This workshop has become so popular, that it has made us aware of the importance of this experience. It creates the right mindset, in addition to the groundbreaking approach and app that are already in place. We believe that experience is the gateway to a reformed mindset and true change. Like Confucius already said a while ago:

Tell me, I will forget.
Show me, I will remember.
Involve me, I will understand.

If we acknowlede that the right mindset is the third foundational aspect to change, why not formalize and tailor the workshop experience to the needs of our customers? That’s exactly what we did. From now on, it will be an integral part of our story. There should always be room for curious talents, who breathe innovation, to get self started. But let’s be honest. The bigger and more complex the organization, the more difficult it is to change. And the more important it is to come up with a careful plan.

We decided to rethink the workshop experience and couple it to your level of ambition:

  • The Kickstart Experience is a fast paced workshop that digs into the basic principles of effective meetings and get’s you quickly up to speed with the Yabbu app. It’s perfect for teams that already know what’s wrong, that immediately recognized the value of our philosophy when they first heard about it and that can’t wait to get started with their team. Bring it on!
  • The Deep Dive Experience is a workshop that goes much deeper. It takes more time and gives you a thorough understanding of all aspects of our philosophy. If you’re the only one that immediately get’s it after reading our story and you wonder how you can convince the rest of the team to join the experience, this is the way to go.
  • The Transform Experience is designed as a complete makeover for seemingly hard and hopeless cases of a stale meeting culture. Here we go all the way! It comes with an assessment of the current meeting culture, a thorough preparation with influencers, well planned workshops for the entire organization and a guided introduction to the Yabbu app. We leave no stone unturned in this approach and you will not recognize your own corporate culture after we’ve left.


Now it’s up to you to choose the level of change!

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