NewsPurposePurpose is your bouncer. Many thanks to Vectors by Vecteezy for the image!

Simon Sinek’s book Start with Why has been around for ten years and there must be few people in management that do not know about the golden circle by now. Start with the Why, then the How, to finally arrive at the What. At Yabbu we breathe Purpose and we incorporated the Why on different levels.

The Why is first and foremost our mission to make people use our best practice for all their meetings to reduce work pressure and create space to excel. Let’s get rid of all bad meetings that make you feel falling short at the end of the day. And let’s turn the other meetings into a place where people truly engage and collaborate, to support your work and getting things done. Changing your meetings creates the freedom to lead a joyful and purposeful life. That’s our why and we would like you to join us on our journey!

Next, our How is the Yabbu philosophy of seeing a meeting as a process that you can easily improve. Our What is the Yabbu app. It is a tool, a pair of sneakers, making it easy to adopt this approach.

Now we arrive at the second level Why. We ask you to formulate the Purpose of the meeting every time you organize one. First you add a subject and the next thing we ask you is Why do you want to hold this meeting? This forces you to pause for a moment and think about the goal of the meeting and if a meeting is needed at all.

You can also turn this argument upside down. Priya Parker wrote a great book about meetings, The Art of Gathering: How we meet and why it matters. In the book she says about the purpose of meetings: “Purpose is your bouncer“. People often make the essential mistake with meetings to assume that the purpose is obvious and then skip too quickly to form.

I think that’s a brilliant image. The Why is your first and most important protection against bad meetings. It’s not something vague and fancy. No! Purpose is this bad-ass bouncer in a dark suit and sunglasses at the entry of the Meeting Club, that decides what get’s into the meeting and what not.

If you forget about the Purpose of your meeting, you will be flooded by wrong intentions and your meetings will get bogged down in the How and What. It’s time to toughen-up! Be the bouncer!

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