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Everything you need to get started with the Yabbu philosophy and app. From a Kickstart tornado, to a Deep Dive into the principles of smart meetings, to our full monty program to Transform the entire meeting culture of your organization.

Every successful change starts with all involved having a clear picture what’s in it for them. They first need to internalize the new approach. That’s what we take care of through our training offer. We make sure you truly switch to smart meetings and achieve your meeting goals and desired change. Money back guarantee.

Training offer


the Yabbu Experience

For teams who are short on time, this is a great way to create time and make the change. Focus is on individual benefits, creating the right mindset, the basic principles of effective meetings, and goals. Includes preparation with the team lead, a 2 hour workshop, first year free license up to 10 users, and remote guidance. The use of Yabbu is a prerequisite to kickstart.

Starts at €500


the Smart Meeting Principles

For teams who are eager to make the most out of their meetings and showcase the real deal. Focus is on individual benefits, creating the right mindset, a deep dive into all principles of smart meetings and organizational behavior. Includes preparation with the team lead, a tailored 3,5 hour training, guidance in 2 meetings, optional a first year free Yabbu license up to 20 users, and a final report with recommendations.

Starts at €2.000


your entire Meeting Culture

This is your package if you want to radically change a stale meeting culture. We offer a complete transformation program, that starts with an assessment of the current meeting culture, defining the desired meeting culture in relation to collaboration and communication, and setting goals and milestones. Includes tailored trainings, dedicated coaches, implementation guidance, change management, and a final report with company wide recommendations.

Starts at €10.000


Tell me, I will forget.
Show me, I will remember.
Involve me, I will understand.

– Confucius –