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One month free trial.
You never pay for participants that do not belong to your organization.

€0,99 / Month*

per user (min. 5 users)

€5,99 / Month

per user

Start sessions Unlimited Unlimited
Upload attachments Unlimited Unlimited
Tasks & Decisions

i: Assign tasks to participants and add official decisions

Access closed sessions Up to 6 months Unlimited
Customer support Standard Priority
Copy sessions

i: Copy sessions as a template or as next in series

Export meeting minutes

i: Create a PDF document of the entire closed session

Share with organization
Share with anyone
Multiple authors

i: The author of a session can add two other authors, who will then get the same extended author rights.

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FAQ (Pricing, payment & billing)

What are the differences between Essential vs Premium options?

Both accounts provide basic Yabbu functionalities. Typically, most teams prefer to first sign-up for a Yabbu Essential account as the basic functionalities would often suffice. Larger organizations as well governments prefer to use all Premium features to get the most out of their meetings.

Is there a free trial for Premium subscription?

Yes there is! We are currently providing a 3 months trial period in our Premium option which will soon be reduced to 1 month.

Are there any setup fees?

No, we do not charge any setup or termination fees.

How soon can I get started?

Immediately! Signing up takes a minute and once done, you are ready to create and publish your first session! We are happy to help you. You can always contact us at

How frequently do I pay?

We both have a monthly as well as a yearly payment plan. Clients paying yearly will benefit from a reduced rate.

Do I get a discount as an NGO / Non-Profit?

Sure you do! Please contact us at and we will happily provide you with additional information.

Can I upgrade or downgrade?

Yes. In case of monthly payments, your new plan will come into effect starting next billing month. In case of yearly payments, the next billing year.

What are your refund policies?

As our Premium plan has a trial period, we do not offer a refund past purchase.

What do you offer for Enterprise customers?

Customers with 100 users or more are considered Enterprise. An Enterprise benefits from a discounted rate for a large user base. Additionally we offer features such as White Label, Single Sign-On (SOO) and 2 Factor Authentication (2FA). Please contact us at to learn more

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