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Adding participants to your meetings is always free

(so you never pay for your meeting participants)


For taking part in
meetings and to practice
with organizing meetings

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Forever free

organize 3
free meetings!

Earn more free meetings by referring Yabbu to others**


For smart professionals
who want to make most out
of the meetings they organize

€9,99 /month*

*Billed annually or €11,99 /month

organize unlimited
number of meetings


For high-performing teams
who want to make most out
of all their meetings

Starts at €39,90 /month*

€3,99 /organizer

(minimum of 10 seats)

*Billed annually or €44,90 /month

can organize unlimited
number of meetings


Ideal for servant leaders
who are after great meetings
through the entire organization

Starts at €299,- /month*

€2,99 /organizer

(minimum of 100 seats)

*Billed annually or €319,- /month

can organize unlimited
number of meetings

Every plan includes all features

✅   Agenda Items

✅   Comments

✅   Replies

✅   Closing Items

✅   Drag & Drop

✅   Likes

✅   Tasks & Decisions

✅   Attachments

✅   Document Preview

✅   Overview/ ordering

✅   Autosave

✅   Unread system

✅   Search

✅   History

✅   Label function

✅   Scheduler

✅   Durations

✅   Time Management

✅   Calendar Integration

✅   Autom./ integrations*

*) Coming soon

✅   Free Participants

✅   Unlimited # Partic.

✅   Multi-Author

✅   Team Functionality

✅   Share with Organ.

✅   Templates*

✅   Copy Agenda

✅   Export Minutes PDF

✅   Free Mobile App

✅   Technical Support

Referral program

Our referral program offers you the possibility to continue organizing free meetings

How does it work?

When you signup you always receive 3 free meetings.

You can earn more free meetings by inviting new users. You can do that by the Earn free meeting button.

When someone you invited signs up, both you and this new user will receive 1 extra free meeting.

In case someone you invite is already a user, or already got an invite, you won’t receive credits.

FAQ (Pricing, payment & billing)

What are the differences between Personal and Group?

Both plans provide you with all available features, including advanced features. The difference is in the ability to organize meetings. In the Personal plan you buy this ability for 1 person, while you buy this in the Group plan for multiple people.

Are features depending on the plan?

You always have full access to all features, no matter what plan you are in.

Can I always keep using a free version?

Yes you can! Taking part in meetings is always free. In addition, in the Free plan, you have credits to organize 3 meetings. Last but not least, currently the Personal plan is also free, allowing you to organize unlimited number of meetings during the Corona crisis.

Do I get a discount being NGO or Nonprofit?

Sure, you do! Please contact us at support@yabbu.com and we will do you a special offer.

What do you offer beyond the plans?

For Enterprise customers we offer additional features such as White Label, Active Directory, Single Sign-on (SSO), 2 Factor Authentication (2FA), and On-Premise. Please contact us at support@yabbu.com to learn more.

How soon can I get started?

You can start right away! Signing up takes a minute and once done, you are ready to organize your first meeting! We are happy to help you. You can always contact us at support@yabbu.com.

Are there any setup fees?

We do not charge any setup or termination fees.

What if we need help to get started?

Smart thinking. A proper introduction about the why and how is important. We offer tailored workshops about the benefits and principles of smart meetings, to guarantee a successful start.

How frequently do I pay?

We both have a monthly as well as a yearly payment option. Customers paying yearly will benefit from a reduced rate.

Can I upgrade or downgrade?

Yes. In case of monthly payments, you will pay according the upgrade when the next billing month starts. In case of yearly payments, the upgrade comes into effect immediately after changing the plan. We will settle the remaining budget from the previous plan. In case of a downgrade, you will pay accordingly when the next billing year starts.

What are your refund policies?

As you can opt for monthly payments, we do not offer a refund past purchase.

Is ISO 27001 applied to all plans?

Yes, it is. We find it important that you know we do everything to protect your data and that we work GDPR compliant.

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