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Yabbu activates participants during the preparation and creates ownership for the whole process.

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Better preparation leads to better discussions and this results in decisions that enjoy better support.

Save up to 50% time.

Yabbu saves meeting time by closing most agenda items in your own time, before the meeting.

How it works

Organizing great meetings is simple if you consider them as a process.

You don’t need a lot of rules, you just need to apply two principles:

1) Create ownership in advance, and

2) Only discuss in meetings what truly belongs there.

Creating ownership means making somebody responsible for each agenda item and making sure the process of setting goals, information sharing, discussion and decision making gets started well before the meeting. This is what Yabbu facilitates, simply and brilliantly.

Doing so, only topics that are ripe for discussion are left for the actual face-to-face meeting. Any topics that are not ready nor worth discussing face-to-face, are completed inside Yabbu, without wasting valuable time. This approach is proven to result in:

●  Fewer and shorter meetings;

●  Better and faster decisions;

●  True commitment.


1. Gather all information in your own time

Share and receive information. Raise and answer questions. Ensure all the insights are included that are required to make well-considered and balanced decisions.

2. Handle most agenda items before the meeting

Discuss viewpoints and arguments in writing. Close informative agenda items, and derive decisions where possible. Participants have time to reflect and structure their thoughts.

3. Use the meeting to finish the remaining items

Only the most important and complex topics will be left for the meeting. With more room for the social context. After sleeping on it, attendees will bring quality to the table.

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