The process approach to

Change meeting culture!

Yabbu delivers short and productive meetings! Get started right away or check our training offer if you need an intervention.

Energize participants.

Yabbu activates participants during the preparation and creates ownership for the whole process.

Make better decisions.

Better preparation leads to better discussions and this results in decisions that enjoy better support.

Save up to 50% time.

Yabbu saves meeting time by closing most agenda items in your own time, before the meeting.

How Yabbu transforms your meetings

Yabbu teaches you to approach your meetings as a process. It’s about two principles instead of a hundred rules. Only discuss in a meeting what truly belongs there and create ownership in advance. Topics that aren’t worth discussing face-to-face will be completely handled in Yabbu. For the other topics, participants bring more quality to the table, because they’ve had the time to reflect and discuss it in advance. This approach leads to better decisions and true commitment.

Here’s how it works:

Gather all required information prior to the meeting.

In your own time, share and receive information. Raise and answer questions. Ensure all the necessary insights are gathered and included. This will help you make well-considered and balanced decisions.

Take care of most agenda items before the meeting itself.

Gather and discuss the different viewpoints and arguments in writing. Close informative agenda items, and derive decisions where that is already possible. Participants will sleep on more complex matters and structure their thoughts.

Use the meeting only for the remaining agenda points.

As a result of the two previous steps, only the most important and complex topics will be left for the meeting. Participants will be prepared and ready to bring some quality to the table.

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