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Fewer meetings!
Shorter meetings!
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Before you start another unproductive video meeting or live office meeting, send out a Yabbu. Yabbu is a simple, secure, shared agenda where teams can discuss issues, upload files, and assign tasks before meeting up in real time.

Join the Yabbu family and support our cause to make your - and everyone's - meetings shorter and more effective.

Everyone on the same page.

Get everyone literally on the same page. Keep track of all meeting related matters in one place: the communication, tasks, decisions, documents, and autogenerated minutes.

Goal oriented communication.

An interactive meeting agenda with clear questions and deliberate participants, prevents a shitload of irrelevant “reply-all” emails and distracting group chat messages.

Actively engaged participants.

By the opportunity to contribute prior in writing, all participants have a say and time to think before they speak. This results in a diversity of perspectives, preventing extrovert bias.

Yabbu is a big time saver.

Our customers report 30%-50% time saved on emails, group chats, meetings, follow ups, and documentation. Just by pre-processing the agenda and settling topics already before the meeting.

Widely supported decisions.

Better preparation leads to better discussions. Which leads to better decisions. An because a careful and inclusive process is followed, those decisions will be widely supported and implemented.

No more video fatigue.

Today’s abundant an ubiquitous video meetings are exhaustive. Non-meeting work, like writing, isn’t. Yabbu ensures part of the agenda had already been dealt with prior to the meeting, in writing!


How it works

Yabbu is a simple – mobile firstmeeting communication app. Participants communicate with each other within the agenda, on their own time. They get most of the work done before a possible video or office meeting:

●  Sharing agenda and goals;

●  Informing and commenting;

●  Uploading documents;

●  Assigning / monitoring tasks;

●  Making decisions / closing.

Everyone saves hours of messy emailing, texting, and video calls. And in case you do need a meeting, the whole gang will be prepared, aligned and ready to make the best decisions. Your meeting will be 51% shorter.  And your goals, decisions and initiatives will be supported by 33% more participants.

It’s time to get everyone on the same page. Literally.


1. Collect all information in your own time

Share and receive information. Raise and answer questions. Ensure all the insights are included that are required to make well-considered and balanced decisions.

2. Handle most agenda items before the meeting

Discuss viewpoints and arguments in writing. Close informative agenda items, and derive decisions where possible. Participants have time to reflect and structure their thoughts.

3. Use the meeting to finish the remaining items

Only the most important and complex topics will be left for the meeting. With more time to socialize and bond. After sleeping on it, attendees will bring quality to the table.

Yabbu is
ISO 27001


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