Love your meetings

We created Yabbu to make meetings easy and fun

Every week, countless articles highlight the time organizations waste in unproductive meetings. But meetings are also where the important conversations are held, the crucial decisions are made… and where you get to socialize with your colleagues. So how do we keep the best parts of meetings and take away the useless time-wasting?

Yabbu is here to revolutionize the meeting culture.

Meetings are one of – if not the – most important modes of collaboration. And we all like to think we are capable of running them smoothly and effectively. Unfortunately… that’s rarely the case. And that’s why the Yabbu team is working hard to make your meetings simple, effective and fun!

At Yabbu, you’ll find two types of people. Those with extensive experience in business (and time-wasting meetings)… and those who are experts at building easy-to-use Apps. By combining the experience of the former and the expertise of the latter, Yabbu offers a complete and useful service.

Meet the team

We respect each other’s time. Lean meetings only!


Willem Jacobs

Founder & Yabbu evangelist

Christian Zierleyn

Hands-on Business Developer

Alexandre Veremme

Back-end developer

Vincenzo Romeo

Lead UX/UI Designer

Tomas Kmet

Lead Front-end Developer

Alexandra Barka

Front-end Developer

The Future of Meetings


So we have flatter organizations, improved chain thinking, and digital workplaces… but we still have old-fashioned meetings?
No! It’s time for light, simple, and effective meetings which only take place when needed! To have quality time together and work on true collaboration.


Our philosophy radically changes the way we meet. We want to create the future of meetings and set the Yabbu model as the new standard. Why? To save time and reduce your workload. To get full support on your plans. To make collaboration fun. To create time to contemplate and excel!

So what are you waiting for?

Improve your meetings instantly with Yabbu!

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