The step to paperless meetings was a useful first step in the digital transformation of municipalities. This transformation holds the promise that digitization will make work simpler and easier, but with the introduction of paperless meetings that promise has not yet been fulfilled.

Issues are often on the agenda out of habit. If we want to keep issues outside the meeting, then we will have to find an alternative channel. And many think that is too much hassle, creatures of habit that we are. Yabbu tackles this problem. Yabbu helps you to compile an agenda that pulls participants into the discussion before the meeting. In this way, matters that do not belong in the physical meeting are dealt with before you sit together.

In recent months, we spoke to civil servants at various municipalities and found that the workload there is still very high due to an overload of meetings. Moreover, paperless meetings are often only realised for the council and the management. Civil servants are still involved in a large number of meetings that are not served by the council information system. Consider the numerous meetings that form a layer around the official meetings of the council and committees and the many meetings between civil servants. Managing the council information system now also takes a lot of time.

An important but painful conclusion is that paperless meetings have not improved the meeting process itself. In particular, we have eliminated the stack of paper. However, the digital transformation offers a more far-reaching perspective, through an approach that makes the meeting itself easier and more fun. If you do make everything digitally available, why not immediately handle matters digitally so you do not have to come together?

This is exactly what Yabbu does. Yabbu creates space for important matters. Yabbu is easy to use and you don’t need a training to start using it. We do offer a training about the principles of effective meetings for those that want to digg deeper. Everyone can use Yabbu and you do not need a specially trained administrator such as with council information systems. It’s a bit like getting started with WhatsApp, but specifically for meetings. Cheap and simple.


This line of thinking can easily be transferred to other sectors. Where meetings may not be a core business, but still form the heart of the way in which we collaborate.

The real digital transformation has yet to begin. Are you ready for the next step?

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