Do you want to take the lead in New Meeting Technologies in your organization? Are you looking for a training that helps you master the most innovative meeting techniques in one go? Then we have something new for you. Starting in April, Yabbu and the De Kantooropleider (LSSO) offer an innovative Academy Training Effective Meetings with Yabbu.


New Meeting Technologies are on a stormy rise. Helped by digital innovations, meetings become more efficient (saving time), but also more effective (better decision-making quality) and more fun (less frustration about bad meetings). The Effective Meetings training brings you up-to-speed with the latest developments.

You learn the basic principles of effective meetings and how you can easily put them into practice. The training consists of 2 training days with an interval of 4 weeks. These weeks you will work at home with your fellow students on a group assignment.

You can conclude the Effective Meetings with Yabbu training course with a nationally recognized LSSO exam, which is taken via the LSSO Examination Office in Utrecht (The Netherlands) or in the course location. With sufficient results, this entitles you to a national LSSO-approved academic certificate.

An extensive program overview can be found on the LSSO Training website.

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