Cultural change

The way in which an organization has organized decision-making also determines the culture in that organization. So when you change the decision-making process, you also change the culture of that organization. Yabbu is therefore much more than a simple tool for effective meetings. If you start working with Yabbu, it is not only a question of technological innovation. Yabbu is also a catalyst for social innovation and culture change. With Yabbu your decision-making process becomes more transparent and decisions receive much wider support.

Besides the possibility to invite participants and teams, there is also the option within Yabbu to invite teams to take notice of a session. This ‘Invite a Team’-function makes it possible that teams can follow the session if they wish, but that they will not receive notifications of all new contributions. This way you make the decision-making process transparent for people who are not directly involved. The beauty of the ‘Invite a Team’-function is that the members of these teams can not only follow the discussion, but they can also take part in the session, if they deem it necessary. If you see something that requires comment, you can immediately post a comment.

To illustrate the above an example of a customer where Yabbu is used in the management team. All employees are part of the session via the ‘Invite a Team’-function. It makes the decision-making of the management fully transparent and we now heard about a case in which the management in Yabbu conducted an important discussion and an employee broke into the discussion with a strong argument that took the discussion into a completely different direction and ultimately led to a totaly different decision than anticipated. It is an example of how transparency and an inclusive form of decision-making have led to a much better decision, which had also much wider support in the organization.

Yes, Yabbu is a simple technological tool, but do not underestimate the possibilities to really change the way you work in your organization. A new way of working together also means a culture change within your organization.

If you would like to know more about this subject, please contact us via or give us a call on +31 20 894 6009. Yabbu also provides training and workshops on this subject. Moreover, we have a team of top notch consultants ready to help organizations with transforming the decision-making process.

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