It is with pride and joy that we can now say that Yabbu has been certified for ISO 27001, the international standard on Information Security. It is an independent, unbiased and frequent measurement of the actual information security state and it shows that an organization complies with business, legal, contractual and regulatory requirements.

We handle a lot of data from our customers and we want them to understand that we apply the highest standard of information security. To get certified, we implemented a thorough Information Security Management System (ISMS): a systematic approach to managing sensitive information from our customers and users, so that it is and remains secure. It includes people, processes and IT systems by applying a risk based management process.

It was a tough road to travel. Especially with a team that has such a strong focus on user experience. But it was well worth the effort. We believe the certification is not only important for our customers, it also improves our company culture by increasing visibility and comprehension of IT security issues, as well as making everyone feel they are contributing to something valuable. In this way the ISO 27001 certification boosted our professionalism. And it is a big, but logical, step in our plan to become a leader in the field of meeting software.

We are proud that our ISMS has been approved for certification. Keeping your information secure is our highest priority. Click here to read our ISO 27001 certificate.

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