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We regularly blog about how you can work smarter. But who are we? And why do we do what we do? That is why we will now let you discover who is working at Yabbu. And not unimportantly, why do we work so hard to reach your business? Recently you could read about founder Willem Jacobs.

Today: Alexandre Veremme, Lead Developer
Originally I come from the North of France. From an area somewhere between the Champagne region and Belgium. That probably explains why I like Belgian beer and champagne. I moved to the Netherlands from Lille four years ago. It is special to get acquainted with Dutch openness. You are really free to be who you want to be. And it is of course fantastic to cycle along the canals of Amsterdam.

Why work at Yabbu?
When I choose a job, it mainly depends on the impression I get from people. The first feeling just has to be good. My colleagues surround me most of the week. That’s why I want to work with nice people. That has now succeeded! At the beginning of this year I met Willem. He is someone you can build on. And I see Yabbu as a dynamic and promising project. For me the ideal combination.

Life without limits
In addition, I need freedom. That helps me to excel. And that is exactly what I experience at Yabbu. I get a lot of freedom and trust. For example, it does not matter where I want to work, as long as things are well organized. I really appreciate it. This fits perfectly with my attitude to life: life without limits. It is cool to contribute in this way to something that I really believe in. I have come to know Yabbu as one of the most simple and powerful tools on the market. A tool that helps you to streamline meetings and organize simple, transparent workflows, creating more space to discuss important topics. It is cool to make an important contribution here as lead developer.

Lead developer?
I am responsible for the entire IT infrastructure of Yabbu: the servers, the database, back-end and front-end. I also work together with Willem on the business strategy. We are in constant consultation about what we want to develop in the short and long term, to maximize the added value for our customers. For example, an integration with Office 365 and with Google Mail is planned. Furthermore, we want to make Yabbu especially smarter to ensure that people get the most out of their meetings. We want to encourage users to share sessions with as many other people in their organization as possible. When you start searching, Yabbu not only presents the most relevant content, but also presents the people who know the most. This makes Yabbu a powerful tool to facilitate change and to accelerate innovation.

More leisure time?
I notice that I really save time by using Yabbu. In order to be able to develop properly, you have to be able to focus extremely well, for a longer period of time. You want to experience “flow”, because then you achieve the best results. That has become much easier because of Yabbu. Our meetings are more to-the-point, and that is because we continually align business with each other, but then at times that I choose. Yabbu provides the structure and overview. I notice that I can spend more time on activities that I like, in addition to my work. In my case, that is a lot of sport: running, swimming, climbing and walking. By exercising I feel good and relaxed. I get new energy and it just makes my head completely empty. And the funny thing is that the best ideas and solutions arise when I’m active!

Typical for Alexandre:

  • I cannot do without music. I like to listen to music when I am working. From electro house / techno (eg Boys Noize & Dave Clarke) to classical music or jazz (for example Trombone Shorty) and Ska / Reggae (for example The Cat Empire).
  • I have a Ph.D. in complex decision support systems, and I have been a teacher at a French technical “Grande École”, which taught me to explain complex subjects in a simple way. I’m convinced that if people can not explain something properly, nobody will understand it.
  • IT is in my view “just a tool”, the end user is always central. I can get frustrated when an IT developer tells me that something is not possible: IT can do everything in IT! Of course it is important to challenge product specifications as a developer. Contact with end users is essential. Many times a better solution is possible, by thinking carefully about what you want to make and how you want to do that.

Everything is possible as long as you put your mind to it.
Do you want to know more? E-mail to or call +31 [0] 84 00 32 324.

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