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That’s what we stand for. We regularly blog about ways to work smarter. But who are we, anyway? And why do we do what we do? This is still missing on our website. Time for change. That’s why from now on, we’re letting you discover who’s behind Yabbu and which passion gave rise to Yabbu. And, not unimportant, why do we work so hard to reach your business?

Today: Willem Jacobs, founder

A few months ago, I was attending a lecture by David Allen about his book Getting Things Done. I realised that what his method does for you as an individual, Yabbu does for you in your collaboration with others. Getting Things Done clears your head, so that you can focus better. Yabbu also clears your head, but does so by streamlining your meetings. In both cases it’s important that you create space for yourself (and in Yabbu’s case, for others as well) to do your job well and to live the life you want. Of course, I use Yabbu intensively myself and, just like our customers, I experience how well it advances me and our business.

Why did I start Yabbu?

I like cycling uphill. It’s just more fun. Apparently, I enjoy doing things that aren’t easy. It’s part of my personality. Now, that doesn’t mean that I’m only happy when I’m on the move. Yes, the views are often stunning, and yes, the feeling of getting ahead makes me happy. But at the same time, it’s hard work – during mountain rides I often think to myself “Why the hell did I sign up for this?” The Rider by Tim Krabbé is a beautiful book that perfectly describes this feeling. Yabbu also is such an adventure. By now, we’ve proved that Yabbu does what it promises, but we are the first to do so. Our solution requires a different way of thinking. And that’s where a big challenge lies for us.

Soon I’ll really have more time

I hear many people say that the pressure from work is too high. That’s not a surprise. There’s so much we “need” to do in our current society. This is causing you and me to not be able to do what we really want to be doing; privately and in business. We live in a time in which more and more information is coming our way, and in which things around us are changing with increasing speed. This asks for a smarter way of working. However, we often think that we can regain control by doing a better job at what we’ve been doing already. But that doesn’t work. Let’s be frank: how long have you been busy creating space for yourself by now? How often have you told yourself that you just have to wait a little bit longer for things to quiet down a bit?
In short, my personal motivation is ensuring that you and your company start to perform better by working together smarter. That makes work more fun and life more beautiful. Yabbu is a simple and powerful instrument to get that done.

How Yabbu helps your organization?
We help our customers with the structural solution: by working together smarter, you lower the work pressure, and raise the work pleasure. And more pleasure in work permeates the rest of your company: it leads to more motivated people, faster processing times, and more quality. But it’s also essential to stay competitive. We talk a lot about our creativity, but that’s only valuable if there is a fast enough execution on good ideas.
Yabbu requires a different mindset. It’s important to devote enough attention to that during the introduction. Afterward, the effect is mainly achieved by just doing. Because Yabbu is easy to use. This is what our customers keep telling us. What this also means is that you need a relatively small budget to achieve the desired result.

And now it’s your turn!

Why do you do what you do? What can you do differently to achieve more with less?

Do you want to discover how Yabbu can make a positive difference in your organization? Call +31 [0]84 00 32 324 and I’ll gladly help you along. Or invite me for a coffee and a short introduction with your team. From there you’ll be able to get to work with Yabbu right away.

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