April 19th is Management Assistant Day. At Yabbu we love management assistants, because they are the first in an organization to see how useful Yabbu is. And that is not without reason.

At Yabbu we see a meeting as a process. Management assistants understand this like no other, because they are the guardians of this process. They play a crucial role in planning, preparation, reporting and execution of decisions. It is therefore the management assistant who has the best view on how the meeting and decision-making process can be organized in a better way.

Planning a meeting is often quite a task, because managers have a busy calendar. But with Yabbu you can go ahead with starting a session while you’re still searching for a date for a meeting. All members of the management team can immediately make direct contributions within the agenda items at a time that suits them best. And when you finally planned a physical meeting, there is a good chance that a number of things have already been dealt with in Yabbu, so that more time is left for the most important topics. In this way you can realize faster and better decisions that enjoy wider support.

In addition, in Yabbu you can immediately write down for each agenda item what the conclusion is, what decision has been made and who will be assigned which tasks. That is often an action that is forgotten during the meeting. Especially if the management assistant can not be present at the meeting, which often happens, then it is quite a task to find out what exactly was agreed upon afterwards.

Finally, creating minutes after a management meetings can be complicated. It often happens that the management assistant first sends the report for approval which results in a new discussion about what was exactly decided. Before you know it a couple of days have passed. In Yabbu, the minutes are ready when you have closed all agenda items. Everything is in writing from the start and when the meeting is closed, you immediately have the complete report including all decisions and action points in one simple overview.

With Yabbu the meeting process becomes easier and therefore easier to manage. We at Yabbu think it is not surprising then that management assistants are our biggest fans. As far as we are concerned, that love is mutual. How cool is it when the most important employees of an organization understand your product. We think that’s great! Thanks for your confidence.

We ❤️ You!

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