Paul Bosse
Chairman, Court of Audit Commission at the Woensdrecht municipality

The meeting often is central to secondary functions. These meetings are additions to your regular job. That means you want to spend your time well. But how do you do that? We ask Paul Bosse, Chairman of the Court of Audit Commission in Woensdrecht. He talks about the way in which Yabbu has helped them meet smarter.

I hold my chairmanship with the Court of Audit Commission next to my job as Sales Director and as owner of vineyard Domaine de Brabantse Wal*. Ourcommission is an independent body of the city council. We research theeffectiveness of both the administrative and the official organization of the municipality, and, in doing so, determine if public resources are allocated appropriately. Anyone can submit research topics, but the commission has the final say in which topics it chooses.

Why Yabbu?

The Court of Audit is a secondary function. We gather about ten times per year. Outside of that we rarely meet. Therefore, it’s important that we have a stabile environment in which we can communicate with each other in a structured manner, and that we are able to do as much in our own time as possible. Our team consists of citizen-members that are not affiliated with the municipality. From an organizational point of view, that makes it difficult to arrange anything with the municipality. With Yabbu, we can organize everything ourselves and structure our meetings in a way that works best forus. This means that we already discuss many things in in Yabbu in advance, enabling us to take the physical meeting to a higher level.

What have you gained from it?

The Court of Audit Commission is an independent body. So we also want to operate independently. Yabbu allows us to do so with ease. The introduction was seamless.

In addition, Yabbu offers many practical benefits:

  • Yabbu is an intuitive tool for prepping meetings, with interaction in advance, allowing us to create as much space as possible to discuss important matters in the physical meeting.
  • We have all the sessions available to us at all times. Since Yabbu is searchable, we’re able to quickly find relevant matters we discussed previously.
  • By law, we have a reporting obligation. We comply with that obligation now per definition. All we have to do is to add closing notes from the physical meeting; the rest has already been processed in advance.