Jennifer Goossens
HR Assistent / PA – Frans de Wit International B.V.

We felt that our meetings took more time than we wanted. Maybe that’s because of our no-nonsense culture. Instead of talking in meetings, we prefer to deliver quality to our customers. We therefore decided to get started with Yabbu. Since then, there has been more room for topics that really need to be discussed. Even now that we have to meet remotely due to the Corona crisis.

What do you deliver?

Frans de Wit International B.V. provides the logistics of refrigerant gases and liquid chemicals in tank containers. Both nationally and internationally, with attention to safety, quality and sustainability.

How was the start with Yabbu?

We initially started to use Yabbu with our management team. After all, if we want to improve something in our company, we believe the management team should lead by example. We followed the “smart meetings” workshop. That took an hour, but in hindsight we would have liked to allocate more time for it. We now see that the Yabbu approach pays for itself twice over.

What does Yabbu do for you?

With Yabbu it is easy to put the “process approach” into practice. We have agreed from the outset that we will all simply participate. And that means that we are indeed able to finish a large part of the agenda in the run-up. This creates space for important matters that would otherwise have come under pressure. Simply because we would not have been able to make enough time for it.

We are using Yabbu now for a variaty of meetings. We are also adding more structure to our departmental meetings, for which we will also start using Yabbu. It’s really awesome that all current (and closed) meetings are in one overview. We are no longer bombarding each other with endless emails. And our people also no longer lose time by individually saving minutes and documents, and tracking tasks and decisions.