geco van den broek
Geco van den Broek
Policy Officer at 'TCI Examens'

How do you organize meetings with experts who live all over the country, while there is enough work to be done to save each other’s time. Especially now during the Corona crisis. We ask Geco van den Broek, Policy Officer at ‘TCI Examens’.

What does ‘TCI Examens’?

TCI is the abbreviation for ‘Stichting Toets Centrum Intereducatief’. We are a validated exam provider and exam institute, developing and administering both theoretical and practical exams with an eye for craftsmanship, specific subject knowledge and skills.

What were you looking for?

We develop exam instruments for various fields: (All-round) Beautician, (Medical) Pedicure, Hairdresser, Make-up / Styling, Nail Stylist, Make-up Artist, Photography, Weight Consultant and Lifestyle Coach. The exams are developed, set and evaluated by experts (exam boards) from all over the country. We were looking for a tool that could help us manage the necessary meetings.

How do you use Yabbu?

About 2 years ago we started looking for a meeting tool on the internet. Yabbu immediately appealed to us because it allows you to look at the same page together throughout the entire process – from preparation to evaluating the exams. Yabbu was still in its infancy at the time, but we immediately benefited from this format in our meetings, which take place every quarter. With the Corona crisis, we are even keener to share as many proposals as possible in the run-up and to structure our thoughts about them, so that the online meetings remain clear and to have to-the-point meetings with each other.

What’s in it for you?

Online meetings with a group can be tiring, but that is not the case with us because with Yabbu we can more easily distinguish main and side issues and deal with peripheral matters digitally in advance. With Yabbu we are actually able to make choices and decisions within the set time, so that we are always able to deliver high-quality exams. Handy is that Yabbu is flexible. We can place preparatory documentation here that everyone can view, respond to it where necessary, and easily record decisions during the meeting.

Tip for Yabbu

Send a daily and/or weekly notification email to the users with a summary of what happened in their Yabbu meetings. This way we know for sure that nobody misses anything!