“An ‘asynchronous’ Yabbu meeting is 10 times easier and better than an awkward Skype or Zoom meeting.”

Scott KennedySerial entrepreneur & Founder @ WorkAround

“Yabbu makes meetings more effective!”

Paul B.Consultant @ Dutch Police

“With Yabbu we are at the start of the meeting where we would otherwise have been at the end.”

Ben SchuttenbeldManager Operations Innovationlab @ Chamber of Commerce

“Our meetings have become more efficient and more fun at the same time.”

Emiel van der SteenTreasurer @ Vredenburgh

“Yabbu yields positive results as we can often resolve discussion points prior to our video call, which leads to better decisions.”

Matthew BuysDirector of Membership @ Orcid

“We switched to Yabbu for its intuitive interface, and it allows us to exchange information and close agenda items prior to the meeting.”

Paul BosseChairman @ Municipality of Woensdrecht

“For the first time ever we love to have meetings.”

Willeke BosseTeacher @ Avans University

“Yabbu formalises and structures our business development dialogue and decision making process in a brilliant way.”

Sean MacGillavryManaging Director @ Axon Olympus

“Yabbu pinpoints what needs to be discussed and leaves more time for building strong relationships with our customers.”

Michael MichelConsulting Partner @ Online Marketing Amsterdam

“Yabbu makes it easy to create alignment within our team on a weekly basis.”

Rozemarijn SpoelData Analyst @ Attero